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Recently, our family has required much of my attention and I have not had the time available to dedicate to AutismEMS.  Unfortunately, this meant that this site was not kept as up-to-date and current as I would have liked.  It also meant that I had to defer scheduling some presentations and choose not to submit a presentor package to a few conferences I would have otherwise enjoyed attending.  For this, I apologize, but now feel that I can now begin to re-focus my attentions to the mission of AutismEMS.  Look for site updates and the newswire to be updated as we go forward.  I am also anticipating some presentation announcements to be released in the near future.

Not surprising, many of our family issues stemed from our family's personal struggle with ASDs.  Thankfully, with God's help, we have been able to make the necessary accomodations and I believe that we are again (or perhaps, "now are") moving forward.  I am hopeful that some of the professionals that I have been working with on a personal level will help strengthen the mission of bringing autism preparedness to persons working in emergency medicine on a daily basis.