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About AutismEMS 

AutismEMS is an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) preparedness resource for EMS providers and EMS physicians.  Other public safety personnel and healthcare providers that may encounter persons who have an ASD on an emergency basis, such as emergency department staff, may also find the site useful. 

We believe that formal training in autism preparedness with access to factual resources best prepares EMS professionals to effectively manage encounters with persons on the autism spectrum.  Therefore, the site is designed to supplement, not replace, autism preparedness education and training.  However, since EMS education about autism that is supported by literature and research is not widely available and a nationally-recognized standard curriculum has yet to be developed, we have attempted to ensure that the information is useful to providers who have not had the opportunity to attend a formal, comprehensive presentation on autism.   

While there is little information available on autism as it applies in the emergency setting in general and in the out-of-hospital environment specifically, we have attempted to ensure that the information presented on this website is based on factual information that is supported by literature, evidence and best practices whenever possible.  If you discover information on this website that you believe is inaccurate, please contact us immediately so that the information can be verified, changed or removed.

It is also important to review encounters between emergency medical service professionals and persons with autism spectrum disorders.  This information helps build a better understanding between patients and providers and ensures that information necessary to promote positive encounter outcomes is available.  If you are an EMS provider and had an encounter with a person with autism, or you are autistic and had an encounter with EMS, please take a moment to tell us about the experience - whether positive, negative or indifferent. 

Feedback: autismems@verizon.net