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AutismEMS will serve as an authoritative and respected resource of information on autism spectrum disorders for EMS practitioners.                

  • Promote awareness and foster understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders for EMS practitioners of all levels.
  • Distribue materials to improve encounter outcomes between EMS providers and persons with an ASD.
  • Provide evidence-based guidelines and best-practice models.
  • Collect information and data to support and enhance the core mission concepts.
  • Support other websites and projects with similar missions through shared resources and information.
  • Complement other training and education.

  • Serve the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • Value the life and abilities of all people, no matter what their disabilities may be.
  • Respect the widsom and insight from those who are affected by ASD.
  • Enable those with ASDs to succeed and contribute to their communities