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The files below may be downloaded and printed for use by EMS providers and EMS agencies.  We recommend printing on high-quality card stock for best performance and we recommend placing one set of communication cards in each of your vehicles and/or sets of gear. 

In no case may any file be sold or otherwise distributed for profit.  Further distribution (without charge) is subject to the rules and regulations of the individual copyright holder.  If you have questions, please contact autismems@verizon.net

Thank you to the folks at www.visualaidsforlearning.com for providing the picutre-assisted communication cards below. 

Unfortunately it appears as if the agreement with visualaidsforlearning.com to provide EMS/ASD PAC cards will not come to be, at least right now or in the immediate future.  While I am disappointed, we must continue to develop this site as a resource for all EMS providers.  Therefore, if you are interested in voluntering to design these important resources, please contact me!  We will consider photography, drawing, or other forms; additionally, persons interested in producing the cards (developing the ideas) or being models for photography would be appreciated  Thanks!

To be notified when new PAC cards are added, please submit a notification request under the "ContactUs/NotifyMe" link to the left.  Thanks!

File 1.1  "Teacher" Collection
Presented by Visual Aides for Learning. 
While designed for school setting, many of the picture cards can
be used to aid in communication of emotions, basic actions (sit
down, stay still, don't run away) and so on. 

PECS 1.1