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Dean will be presenting autism preparedness classes at the following locations.  Please contact the organization directly for seating availability, cost and directions.   

EMS Update 2010 Conference - Seven Springs Resort

3 hr. preconference presentation, "Autism Preparedness for EMS Professionals"         March 24, 2010, 1:30 PM    

For more information - www.emsupdate.com

March 10, 2010 – 18:30 hrs      NEW
First Aid and Safety Patrol
Lebanon, PA
(717) 272-1234
Contact –  Assistant Chief Tony Deaven

“Autism Preparedness for EMS Professionals”
Approximately 3.5 hours


March 11, 2010 – 18:30 hrs.
New Bloomfield EMS
New Bloomfield, PA

Contact – Becky Gephart
To Register, contact Becky @ 717-582-6909 or babbsbg@yahoo.com

“Autism Preparedness for EMS Professionals”
Approximately 3.5 hours


May 19, 2010 – 19:00 hrs.
Lebanon County Ambulance Association
Meeting at Lawn EMS
5596 Elizabethtown Rd., Lawn, PA

Contact – Ralph Backenstoes at 717-867-2730 or 717-821-2051

“The ABCs of Autism”
Approximately 1 hour